Invited to participate at the “Creative Dialogues” Seminar in Finland 2017.

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I was honored to be invited by one of the most creative living cellist, Anssi Karttunen who organizes a workshop in the magical town of Tuusula in Finland alongside world-famous composer Kaija Saariaho to work with a selected group of young performers and composers from all over the world (Alaska, Germany, Spain, NYC, France, Japan, Switzerland…).

CREATIVE DIALOGUE IX took place in the amazing residency Kallio-Kuninkala, Finland. The focus of this years workshop was music for string instruments and electronics. The 5 participating composers wrote pieces for various string ensembles and electronics for the 3 violinists, 2 viola players and 3 cellists attending. The String players each prepared a work by Kaija Saariaho with electronics. The final concert took place at the Black Box of the Music Centre in Helsinki.

I got to perform Pres for solo cello and electronics in presence of the compser and also I premiered two wonderful works for strings and electronics by David Bird (NYC) and Sophya Polevaya (London).

Check out Sophya’s piece:

Photo Credit: Kaspar Querfurth