Winner of the CIRMMT Student Award and the Recording Project Competition 2016

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Winner of the Recording Project Competition 2016

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of composer Alberto Ginastera, I will be recording at the professional studios of McGill University, one of his less known instrumental works, Puneña No. 2. Considered a tour de force in the cello literature, Puneña No. 2 is the only work Ginastera wrote for solo cello and sadly, it is rarely performed and even less often recorded. Alongside Puneña, I will also be recording some other pieces for solo cello by Argentine composers. As a performer and advocate of “new” music, I believe that recording is an essential tool for preserving some of the most treasured works of art as well as to contribute to the community by promoting obscure yet valuable musical works.

For more info about the recording space please visit:

Winner of the CIRMMT Student Award 2016   –Multimoldal Visual Augmentation for Cello Performance-  

with McGill master student in music technology Alex Nieva

This project proposes to augment audience perception through the creation of a visual display that is responsive to performance gesture. An original piece by Argentine/French composer, Luis Naon (Paris Conservatory/IRCAM) for solo cello, ensemble, and electronics will be composed for this project in collaboration with Radio France (Paris).

Our goals are: A) to control the interactive lighting (visual display) by mapping the gestural and biophysical information collected; B) to use the interactive lighting to augment interpretation of the musical text; C) to make performance practice decisions in parallel to designing the lighting/gestural interface; D) to identify and display meaningful information within performance gestures that are not apparent to the listener; and E) to promote the use of new technologies in the performing arts.

The deliverables of this project will include: a joint paper documenting our findings on the relationship between performance practice and gestural information (scholarly); and the production of a professional audio/video recording at the Digital Composition Studio of McGill University (artistic).

For more info please visit: